The purpose of a workshop is to provide you and your team with new skills that will allow them to do their jobs even better. Better means more successfully, but also more happily, and with more confidence. That’s why my group programs do two things:

1) give people practical and immediately applicable tools to use at work and in life; and 2) provide an engaging, and yes, enjoyable experience.

Core Offerings

Presentation Skills

Across six modules, your leaders will learn how to become better presenters. Select a single module, several, or all.

Giving and Receiving Effective Feedback

Feedback is how we get better at our work, serve our clients more effectively, collaborate more productively, and impact the bottom line with greater success. But feedback is only as helpful as someone’s ability to deliver it well, and as their colleague’s ability to receive it without defensiveness, and act on it.

Navigating Conflict and Tricky Conversations

Once leaders understand their communication strengths and weaknesses, and how best to connect with and address others, they’ll feel more confident and capable addressing tricky topics – and even everyday conversations.

Communicating With Impact and Influence

Build trust, accountability, and develop your team through proven communication strategies that bring out the best in others – and yourself.


Magic in The Middle

Programming Customized for the Middle Managers at Your Organization

Too often, middle managers are overlooked. This series of day-long programming, includes your selection of one or two workshops above, interspersed with 30-minute one-on-one coaching sessions with individual managers. Each day will help your middle managers realize their potential and advance their influence in tricky conversations to boost outcomes across the organization.

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Online Course

Did you click on the workshops page hoping to find a way to gain skills today? My online course covers presentation skills, giving and receiving effective feedback, navigating conflict and tricky conversations, and communicating with impact and influence.

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