How to Deal With a Negative Person on Your Team

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We've all worked with that person. Which person? The negative one who complains about everything, from looming deadlines and long commute times to the carb-heavy snacks and the slow elevator. The one who sighs when you ask her to do something even slightly outside of her job description. The one who names everyone else as the reason

Always Imagining the Worst Possible Outcome? Here’s How to Stop

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After you email an expensive proposal to your price-sensitive client, or leave a message for your boss request for vacation time during the busy season, or ask for a raise or promotion (or both) after your last performance review, you have to wait patiently to hear back. And if you're anything like I am, waiting for information

3 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Boost Your Gravitas

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When it comes to gravitas, many of us think that you either have it, or you don't. We tend to look at people who exude confidence under stress, act decisively, speak their minds, bounce back from stress, and are regarded by others as being important, with wonder and awe: Were they just born that way? Maybe, but the

15 Questions That Can Dramatically Improve Any Relationship at Work

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We all feel challenged at one time or another by colleagues, managers, clients, or customers. When we don't take into account differences in expectations, communication styles, and priorities, we can set our relationships up to be plagued by hurt feelings and chronic frustration. In her book, Make Difficult People Disappear: How to Deal with Stressful Behavior and Eliminate

The Simple Mistake You’re Making in Delivering Feedback That You Can Fix Today

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Nobody likes giving negative feedback or delivering potentially disappointing news to a direct report. And while many individual contributors know that they actually need negative feedback to get better at their jobs, they typically don't relish the idea of finding out that they're falling short of expectations. Nevertheless, negative feedback-- when delivered carefully and thoughtfully-- can help individuals and teams course correct,

The 1 Thing You Must Do When Stress at Work Takes Its Toll

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"I can't believe I'm feeling anxious for my team meeting, and for no good reason!" "My heart is pounding thinking about this sales call. When will I get a grip?" "I always freak out during presentations. I'm such a wimp!" Do any of these sound familiar? If you struggle with anxiety at work, chances are, you're

Why ‘Emotional Impact’ Should Be One of Your Team’s Most Important Metrics

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For many leaders and teams, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a core indicator of success. KPIs serve as the foundation for performance evaluations, compensation, promotions, and can even point to the health (or lack thereof) of the company overall. At their best, KPIs can facilitate clear, relevant, timely communication for you and your teams about what outcomes matter most,

3 Ways Leaders Can Help Middle Managers Get Better at Feedback

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Giving and receiving developmental feedback from anyone is challenging. And for middle managers, this can be especially tricky. Why? First of all, many middle managers wrestle with the transition from peer to supervisor. They worry that their former colleagues may not see them as having earned their new authority, or that these colleagues resent them for having been promoted (especially

3 Questions That Will Quickly Uncover Your Employees’ Motivation

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Every time I teach workshops for managers, I hear one question over and over: "How can I motivate my employees?" It's an important question. Motivated employees are more likely to think creatively, go above and beyond, hold themselves and others accountable for results, work autonomously, want to learn and grow, feel personally connected to the company, and ultimately

How to Bring Up the Elephant in the Room Without Losing Your Courage (or Your Job)

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Being brave can truly pay off. A typical work day for most of us is filled with conversations. Managers and direct reports discuss what work needs to be accomplished, by when, and what success should look like. Colleagues talk about the impact that recent changes are having on their roles and their teams. Leaders articulate their vision for the company's future,