When making a presentation, whether it’s to coworkers, prospects or superiors, there’s bound to be some degree of performance anxiety.

Left unchecked, this anxiety can compromise the presentation’s effectiveness and stifle its desired impact.

In our workshops we’ll help your team add an element of finesse and confidence to the time in front of the group, so you can speak with power, polish and passion.

We bring our workshop to your entire organization, or we can work with individuals or small teams who are gearing up for a big speech or on-camera appearance.

We can also work with you to design custom solutions that are just right for your team’s needs.

Here are a few of our most popular workshops:

Essential Presentation Skills

You speak volumes, even before you’ve said a single word. There are certain mannerisms (hands, eyes, face, pausing, pace, pitch) that have the power to convey strong, lasting emotions that will stay with your audience long after the presentation concludes.

This program consists of four half-day morning workshops, followed by coaching sessions in the afternoon. As always, we can customize accordingly to fit your organization’s unique needs. Participants are encouraged to bring their actual presentations (recent or future) to ensure maximum impact from the session.You will discover how to master every component of a polished presentation, including:

    • Content organization
    • How to improve pace, pitch projection and pauses to achieve desired effects
    • Handling a Q&A session more effectively
    • What separates good presenters from exceptional ones
    • Managing presentation anxiety
    • Reading and reacting to the room
    • Using notes while keeping the audience engaged

Course levels range from basic foundational skills for beginners to advanced techniques for more experienced presenters. Video and playback are also available.

Module 1: Platform Skills for Presenting with Power, Passion and Professionalism

The most successful presenters have done their homework, from their subject to their audience to how their message is delivered.

They know that if they can engage and educate in a powerful, passionate and professional way, it will lead to a highly effective presentation.

You will learn:

What separates the good presenter from the exceptional
How to command the room every time
How to create vocal variety to keep your audience with you
How to use eye contact, facial expressions and movement for high impact
How to overcome “filler words” by using the power of the pause
How to use your notes unobtrusively, so the audience stays focused

Group Size: Up to 10 for workshop and individual instruction; Up to 30 for workshop only

Duration: One half-day of instruction or one half-day of practice and coaching.

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Module 2: Present to Connect: Audience Engagement Skills for Every Speaker

Keeping an audience from becoming distracted, particularly in an age of smartphones, texting and social media, can be a daunting challenge for every presenter.

This session will show you how to enjoy ongoing engagement that employs creative strategies, so you’re talking WITH your audience (instead of TO them), so they are more apt to buy in, or even sign off on, your ideas.

You will learn:

  • How to read the room for “prisoners, vacationers and sponges”
  • How to keep the audience riveted on your words
  • How to handle all types of questions with improved confidence and clarity
  • How to check for understanding and agreement among your participants
  • How to use questions to reinforce and advance your key messages
  • How to get back on message if you’ve lost your way

Group Size: Up to 10 for workshop and individual instruction; Up to 30 for workshop only

Duration: One half-day of practice and coaching

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Module 3: Structuring a Presentation that Informs, Engages and Sells

Confusion is the death knell for any presentation. If you want your audience to stay with you, then it’s critical to have structure, order and balance to your message or the audience will quickly and easily become lost or disinterested.

This session will help you develop that clarity of structure so your message can be seen as cohesive, compelling and well thought out.
You will learn:

  • How to balance ethos (credibility), pathos (emotion) and logos (logic) to your work
  • How to pinpoint the affective, behavioral and cognitive goals of your presentation
  • No time to prepare? You’ll discover the simple PREP framework
  • Creating a powerful open and close for lasting impact
  • How to save time by adapting one presentation for multiple audiences
  • How to be ready for any Q and A

Group Size: Up to 10 for workshop and individual instruction; Up to 30 for workshop only

Duration: One half-day of instruction

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Module 4: Creating Audience Engagement for an Online Presentation, Learning or Meeting

Virtual presentations are now commonplace, so it’s important to adapt or be left behind. Whether presenting on the phone or via video conference, there are new challenges to meet in order to ensure an effective, winning presentation.

This module will show you keep your virtual audience engaged when it’s so easy for them to stray.

You will learn:

  • What to do when people start to “check out” of your online presentation
  • How to keep participants energized and on track at all times
  • How to harness the multitude of tools that are now available to you
  • Recognizing and adapting to online openings and closings for your meeting
  • What to do when you have unforeseen technical glitches
  • How to use your voice as a powerful engagement tool

Group Size: Up to 16

Duration: Two 90-minute webinars

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Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals

Many technical professionals are wary of making presentations because it’s not their forte. This can translate into heightened anxiety and an inferior performance, often when the stakes are high.
This workshop will help quell the stress that can accompany the tech pro, so you can focus on conveying your area of expertise to an enthusiastic audience.
You will learn:

  • How to present with confidence
  • How to prepare your presentation in a way that will quell anxiety
  • How to structure your Q and A so that you stay in control
  • How to focus on the facts without straying into unknown territory
  • How to inject your own personality and style into your presentation

You can choose from a half-day of instruction or a half-day of practice and coaching.

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Strategic Storytelling to Engage, Inspire and Mobilize

Keeping an audience’s attention is no small feat, especially if your group becomes distracted, hostile or disconnected from your subject matter.

When you possess the ability to tell stories from the stage it gives you a unique power to keep your audience transfixed. Your presentation becomes more engaging, and creates a domino effect of enthusiasm for your material and your message.

This workshop will reveal the methods used by expert storytellers, so you can become one yourself, which really can change everything about your presentation.

You will learn:

  • How to craft a story that inspires people to action
  • How to keep participants from multi-tasking during your presentation
  • How to open and close with stories that keep participants focused
  • How to command undivided attention with your story
  • How to keep your story in the proper context

You can choose from a half-day of instruction or a half-day of practice and coaching.

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Mastering Tricky Conversations and Giving Feedback

No one likes confrontations, but every workplace has its share of them every day, whether it’s with fellow team members, superiors, vendors or clients, some type of confrontation is inevitable.
There are right ways and wrong ways to deal with them in the workplace, and if you can employ the proper methods on a consistent basis it will go a long way to diffusing conflict and assuring a more supportive, cooperative and productive environment.
In this workshop we’ll do a deep dive into the time-tested methods for not only navigating conflicts, but also heading them off before they start.
You will learn:

  • How to handle all types of conflicts, including constructive and productive
  • How to expand your emotional intelligence and range
  • How to find your default conflict style and adapt it to different situations
  • How to ensure long term resolution and healthy relationships
  • How to get to the root causes of conflicts in more collaborative ways

You can choose from a half-day of instruction or a half-day of practice and coaching.

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Essential Supervisory Skills

Constructive criticism seems to be a lost art these days. But when you know the secrets to both giving and taking feedback, it can go a long way toward a more fruitful and productive work environment for everyone.
This workshop will show your team members how to do it with finesse, taking into account all possible sensitivities that could be at play.
You will learn:

  • How to apply a simple 5-step feedback model to increase performance and positive behaviors
  • How to adapt your feedback style to different communication and cultural styles
  • How to partner with others to create behavioral action or skill plans that stick
  • How to listen and probe more deeply when giving feedback
  • How to receive feedback with an open mind

You can choose from a half-day of instruction or a half-day of practice and coaching.

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Coaching Your Team to Success

Learn how to modify your style using coaching methodologies and you will see a measurable improvement in team member engagement, resulting in bigger and better results for everyone.

This workshop will give you the tools, guidance and wisdom your group requires to introduce a mutually beneficial coaching dynamic into the workplace.

You will learn:

  • Which challenges and people are coachable and which require a different approach
  • How to listen without being distracted
  • How to get others “unstuck” from their own mindset
  • How to tap into what motivates your direct reports
  • How to create authentic, long term commitment and accountability

You can choose from a half-day of instruction or a half-day of practice and coaching.

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How to Get the Most from Your Key Contributors

Everyone has a different way of communicating in the workplace, and the sooner you recognize and respond accordingly, the sooner you can have a more cohesive environment for everyone.
This workshop will show you how to make different communication styles work for your team instead of against it.
You will learn:

  • How to spot the multitude of communication nuances that are present
  • Which steps to take in order to maximize each style
  • How to recognize what people want from their jobs
  • How to have constructive conversations with team members based on their unique communication style
  • A user-friendly framework for identifying performance gaps of skill or will

You can choose from a half-day of instruction or a half-day of practice and coaching.

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Communicating with Your Customers

Customer communication can make or break an organization, especially in the social media age.
Organizations who are pro-active instead of reactive, who recognize and respond to this correctly, will be succeeding more quickly in this new viral marketplace.
Now more than ever your team needs a workshop that will show them how to engage and interact in a way that will have them coming back for more, while singing your praises to their followers.
You will learn:

    • How to spread a culture of exceptional customer service throughout your organization
    • How to convey to your customers that you truly are their advocate without just paying lip service
    • How to foster a customer-centric workplace
    • How to show your customers that they are your number one priority
    • How to roll out customer programs, incentives and surveys that will generate good will and repeat business

You can choose from a half-day of instruction or a half-day of practice and coaching.

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Presenting Globally and Confidently for Non-Native English Speakers

Public speaking is a core competency for any professional who wants to:

    • Improve his or her personal image 提升个人形象
    • Improve his or her team and company image 提升团队和企业形象
    • Increase opportunities to gain the trust of clients and potential clients, internally and externally 提高赢得内部及外部客户信任的机会

Improved public speaking eases and enhances the communication, the relationships, and the performance of your team, and is a critically important skill for personal, professional, and business success. No matter how successful your professionals are now, they will never reach their full potential without improving their public speaking and communication skills.


Public speaking is hard for most people. The typical native English speaker struggles with public speaking anxiety, balancing content with delivery, and knowing how to engage the audience. However, the typical non-native English speaker faces ten additional challenges when speaking to North American or global audiences:

公众演讲是许多人的软肋。即便母语是英语,一旦开口演讲,人们还是免不了紧张焦虑,在思想与表达之间捉襟见肘 ,不知如何抓住观众的注意力。而对于母语非英语的人士,当他们面对外国听众进行演讲时,还面临着另外十大挑战:

1. Building immediate rapport despite language and cultural barriers.

2. Choosing the correct words and phrases in English, in the right context, as well as effective use of idioms, metaphors, humor and cultural references.
选择恰当的英文措辞, 根据场合选择成语/比喻/笑话/典故。

3. Managing the anxiety associated with speaking with an accent and word-retrieval issues.

4. Adapting appropriate body language (such a eye contact, gestures and facial expressions).
妥善使用肢体语言 (如眼神交流,手势和表情)。

5. Adapting appropriate vocal tone (such as pitch, pace and pauses).

6. Using audience-involvement rather than a lecturing approach.活跃现场气氛,淘汰报告式讲话。

7. Moving from a scripted presentation to a more extemporaneous approach.

8. Understanding and adapting to different expectations of gender roles across cultures.

9. Navigating different levels of directness, openness, and sharing of personal information.

10. Handling questions and answers with speed and confidence.

These obstacles do not have to negatively impact the overall outcome of presentations given by non-native English speakers. In fact, each of these – managed in the right way – can become an opportunity to build personal and professional credibility.

其实,对母语非英语人士而言,这些难题 未必 就会对整体演讲效果产生负面影响。并且,若加以妥当处理,还能成为烘托个性的加分项。

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The DiSC Family of Workshops

The DiSC Family of Workshops
Deborah uses the Everything DiSC suite of tools in order to ensure you receive the most comprehensive, high quality set of training available, fostering more effective working relationships that are based on behavioral styles.
Workshops include:

  • Everything DiSC Workplace
    This is dynamic classroom training with online pre-work, along with facilitation and video, and there’s even follow-up performed online so participants receive fully personalized learning. By the conclusion you will gain a better understanding of your coworkers’ communication styles, for more effective and productive interactions at work.
  • Everything DiSC Management
    Participants receive classroom training with both online pre-work and follow up, with a video facilitation.
    You will discover how to interpret the styles of your direct reports, so you can adjust your management style for greater impact, performance and rapport.
  • The Work of Leaders Made Simple: Vision, Alignment and Execution
    This is classroom training with online prep, video facilitation and online follow-up, so participants can have a more personalized experience.
    Based on best practices, Work of Leaders brings unique leadership styles to meet the demands of the real world, ensuring conversations that are more productive, while giving clearer directives for everyone involved.
  • Everything DiSC Sales
    With classroom training including pre-work performed online, as well as video facilitation and Internet follow-up, participants can gain a better understanding of the unique styles of their customers, resulting in better connections due to the sales person’s increased ability to adapt their own styles. Increases in sales and confidence are normally seen here.
  • Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders: A New Kind of 360!
    Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders merges the best of 360s with the ease and power of DiSC, including three leadership effectiveness modules that have the power to take your leaders to new plateaus of value and skill.
  • DiSC Classic Facilitation System
    This is the original and best-selling facilitation kit, the DiSC Classic Facilitation System with the flexibility in crafting solutions for your organization that have stood the test of time.

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