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Do any of these sound like you or your team?

“I’d rather do anything than have to make a speech. And I mean ANYTHING!”

“My PowerPoint stinks.”

“What the heck do I do with my hands?”

“How am I supposed to prepare for the Q&A?”

“I’m going to ruin this client meeting/investor pitch/my first TV appearance/my son’s bar mitzvah/my career.”

Relax. Stop sweating. That’s why we’re here.

Our job is to help anyone speak with power, polish and passion. We bring workshops into organizations or work with individuals or small teams preparing for a big speech or on-camera appearance. We can also work with you to design custom solutions that are just right for your team’s needs.

All workshops come with an emergency coaching package so that participants can get “just-in-time” support when applying their new skills.

Our Most Popular Workshops:

Presenting with Power, Passion and Professionalism
Master every component of a polished presentation, including content organization, presentation techniques, visual aids and handling Q&A. Course levels range from basic foundational skills for beginners to advanced techniques for more experienced presenters.

Strategic Storytelling to Engage, Inspire and Mobilize
Transform your presentation, engage your audience and keep their full attention with these methods used by expert storytellers.

Presenting Globally and Confidently for Non-Native English Speakers
Overcome your fears by learning proven methods for speaking confidently before your audience, even if English is not your first language.

Manager as Coach: How to Have Conversations that Motivate and Activate Employees
Learn how modifying your style using coaching methodology can more effectively engage your team members and make you both more successful.

Business Writing that Makes a Positive Impact and Inspires Action
Make your documents reach new heights of effectiveness through impactful organization, use of persuasive methods, and creating the right tone for your audience.

Win-Win Negotiating
Change your mindset from viewing the person across the table as your nemesis to your partner in solving the problem. Learn techniques that can be used for formal negotiations and mediations as well as everyday interaction with anyone.

And More

Deborah is spunky and strong and uses her energy and insight with the precision of a laser. She makes you shine, through rigorous challenge and glorious inspiration.-- Author Kimberlee Auerbach, The Devil, The Lovers & Me: My Life in Tarot
Deborah is an amazing speaker. She has the perfect way of saying what needs to be said, and making it stick.-- Tricia White, Vice President of Research, Development and Quality, Oscar Mayer - Kraft FoodsMore Testimonials
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