Help for Non-Native English Speakers

English Language Presentation Skills Training/ Coaching for Chinese and Other Non-Native Executives, Managers and Entrepreneurs


I'm not a native English speaker, but I still want to sound polished and professional.

Public speaking is a core competency for any professional who wants to:


  • Improve his or her personal image 提升个人形象
  • Improve his or her team and company image 提升团队和企业形象
  • Increase opportunities to gain the trust of clients and potential clients, internally and externally 提高赢得内部及外部客户信任的机会

Improved public speaking eases and enhances the communication, the relationships, and the performance of your team, and is a critically important skill for personal, professional, and business success. No matter how successful your professionals are now, they will never reach their full potential without improving their public speaking and communication skills.


Public speaking is hard for most people. The typical native English speaker struggles with public speaking anxiety, balancing content with delivery, and knowing how to engage the audience. However, the typical non-native English speaker faces ten additional challenges when speaking to North American or global audiences:

公众演讲是许多人的软肋。即便母语是英语,一旦开口演讲,人们还是免不了紧张焦虑,在思想与表达之间捉襟见肘 ,不知如何抓住观众的注意力。而对于母语非英语的人士,当他们面对外国听众进行演讲时,还面临着另外十大挑战:

  1. Building immediate rapport despite language and cultural barriers.
  2. Choosing the correct words and phrases in English, in the right context, as well as effective use of idioms, metaphors, humor and cultural references.
    选择恰当的英文措辞, 根据场合选择成语/比喻/笑话/典故。
  3. Managing the anxiety associated with speaking with an accent and word-retrieval issues.
  4. Adapting appropriate body language (such a eye contact, gestures and facial expressions).
    妥善使用肢体语言 (如眼神交流,手势和表情)。
  5. Adapting appropriate vocal tone (such as pitch, pace and pauses).
  6. Using audience-involvement rather than a lecturing approach.活跃现场气氛,淘汰报告式讲话。
  7. Moving from a scripted presentation to a more extemporaneous approach.
  8. Understanding and adapting to different expectations of gender roles across cultures.
  9. Navigating different levels of directness, openness, and sharing of personal information.
  10. Handling questions and answers with speed and confidence.

These obstacles do not have to negatively impact the overall outcome of presentations given by non-native English speakers. In fact, each of these – managed in the right way – can become an opportunity to build personal and professional credibility.

其实,对母语非英语人士而言,这些难题 未必 就会对整体演讲效果产生负面影响。并且,若加以妥当处理,还能成为烘托个性的加分项。


Our Approach 我们的策略

Help for Non-Native English SpeakersDrawing from our deep experience in working with Chinese and other non-native English-speaking professionals from Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia, we can help you or your team:


  • Speak with greater confidence in front of any audience.
  • Identify and manage particular language blocks and barriers.
  • Select the right words in the right context.
  • Incorporate idioms, metaphors and cultural references from their native country and language as well as from North American culture.
  • Anticipate challenges with intercultural professional customs.
  • Understand how to adjust and adapt hand gestures, eye contact, facial expressions and movement for different audiences and environments.
  • Cultivate a lively, engaging and interesting tone of voice – even while engaging in mental translation and word retrieval.
  • Speak extemporaneously with greater comfort.
  • Manage Q&A with more ease and confidence.
  • Draw upon global experiences and perspective to enhance their content and delivery.


Our Experts

DEBORAH GRAYSON RIEGELDeborah Grayson Riegel, MSW, PCC, is an internationally recognized expert in presentation and interpersonal communication skills, and has coached and trained teams and professionals from: American Express; Dell; IBM; Monster Worldwide, Nokia, Novartis, NASDAQ, Pfizer, Toyota and the United States Army. Deborah is a visiting Professor of Executive Communications at the Beijing International MBA (BiMBA) Program of Peking University, China, where she trains and coaches international business leaders from multinational corporations in the art and science of presentation skills, business writing, and executive presence for a growing global marketplace. She also teaches Presentation Skills at New York City’s Fordham Graduate School of Business.

Deborah is a member of the exclusive National Speakers Association and the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council. She is a cited expert and contributor for the New York Times, Forbes, Fast Company, The Huffington Post, Bloomberg Business Week, and American Express OPEN Small Business Forum.

黛博拉持有社会工作硕士和PCC学位,是国际知名的演讲与人际沟通专家,曾经为以下机构的专业人士担任培训师与教练: 美国运通,戴尔电脑,IBM; 环球怪兽,诺基亚,诺华制药,纳斯达克,辉瑞,丰田,美国陆军。黛博拉现担任北京大学国际MBA (BiMBA)项目客座教授, 从艺术与科学相结合的角度,为跨国企业的国际商业领袖提供关于演讲、商业写作和企业国际社交的培训和教练导。她还在纽约大学的福德姆商学院教授演讲技巧。


Ellen DowlingEllen Dowling, PhD, President of Dowling & Associates, Inc., is an internationally recognized expert in communication and presentation skills, and is the author of The Standup Trainer as well as the co-author of Presenting with Style: Advanced Strategies for Superior Presentations.

Dr. Dowling received her PhD (in English Language and Literature) from the University of New Mexico and is a former Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University. She is currently an instructor for the University of New Mexico’s Training and Development in Instructional Technology (TDIT) certificate program, where she teaches Presentation Skills for Trainers. She is also a visiting professor in the Beijing International MBA Program at Peking University, where she teaches “Report Writing and Presentation Skills” to international MBA candidates. Her clients include: Honeywell, Inc.; Intel Corporation; General Mills; Maybelline, Inc. (now L’Oreal); Pfizer; and the State of New Mexico.

埃伦道林, 持有哲学博士学位,是道林公司的总裁,国际知名演讲与沟通技巧专家,The Standup Trainer一书的作者,Presenting with Style: Advanced Strategies for Superior Presentations一书的合著者。道林博士在新墨西哥大学得到英语语言文学博士学位,并曾经在德州农机大学担任助理教授。目前她担任新墨西哥大学教学技术培训和发展认证项目的讲师,并为培训师教授演讲技巧。她也是北京大学国际MBA项目的客座教授, 为国际MBA学员教授“报告撰写和演讲技巧”。她的客户包括: 霍尼韦尔,因特尔,通用磨坊,美宝莲(现欧莱雅), 辉瑞,新墨西哥州政府。


Our Clients 往期客户

We have worked with both native and non-native English speaking clients from:

China Citic Bank
China Merchant Bank
Computer Associates
Fordham U.
International Flavors and Fragrances
Johnson & Johnson
Mercedes Benz
Peking University
Sony Ericsson


Our Testimonials 客户评价

“I was absolutely fascinated and inspired by attending Deb’s presentation skills training—it was always exciting and encouraging. Now I am confident that I can completely grasp my audience’s attention and impress them within the first five minutes of my presentation thanks to Deb’s lessons.” — Mabel Wong, Mercedes Benz, China

“听完黛博拉老师的演讲技巧课,我真的备受激发,欢欣鼓舞。现在我很自信,在开口五分钟内,我一定能抓住听众的注意力,给他们留下深刻的印象。感谢黛博拉的课程。” — Mabel Wong, 奔驰汽车,中国

“Deborah is a highly enthusiastic educator and trainer. If you’re a part of her class, you’ll be touched the very first minute that Deb starts to present to you, and you’ll be totally moved by her passion, her professional knowledge, and her skills. I am sure that Deborah is one of the best in the world.” Wesley Zhang, Sony Ericsson, China

“黛博拉是个激情四射的老师和教练。只要进入她的课堂,你绝对会在她开口讲课的几分钟内被吸引, 她的激情会唤起你的激情, 她的专业姿态会让你变得更专业。我觉得黛博拉老师是最棒的。” Wesley Zhang, 索尼爱立信,中国

Deborah is the most energetic trainer I have ever met. She always has a positive attitude, engaging smile, and a warm voice. Her presentation skills class impressed me very much, and it gave me great confidence in my daily work. Her workshop will help me take my career to the next level!”
Dai Shenghai, Computer Associates, China

“黛博拉是我见过的最精力充沛的培训师。她身上充满正能量,笑容动人、嗓音温暖。她的演讲技巧课让我受益匪浅, 平时工作中也更有自信,借助她的一臂之力,我会更上一层楼!”
Dai Shenghai, 冠群电脑,中国

“Thank you for giving us those two happy days. All of our team members enjoyed it very much and we hope to invite you to come to China again in the near future.” Liu Dayong, China Citic Bank, China

“感谢老师让我们度过快乐的两天。所有的同事都很喜欢这门课,希望不久的将来还能再邀请到您。” Liu Dayong, 中信银行, 中国

"Deborah is a very impressive speaker —energetic and confident. She has the gift of attracting people to focus on what she is saying, and definitely influences how people communicate with one another. She seems to be able to pour her confidence and endless energy into others, making them feel fearless when they present themselves in public. We all love her!"
Dawn Liu, IBM, China

"黛博拉是极为出色的演讲人 —精力充沛、自信满满。她具备将众人的注意力调度到自己身上的天赋, 能有效帮助大家改善人际沟通能力。她似乎能够将自己的自信和源源不尽的能量传递给我们,让我们不再对公众演讲感到恐惧。我们都喜欢你!"
Dawn Liu, IBM, 中国

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