You know you’re facing (or avoiding) a tricky conversation when you think to yourself:

“Someone/I could get fired.”
“He may never talk to me again after this.”
“I know how this conversation is going to go – the same way it always goes.”
“Isn’t talking about it just going to make things worse?”
“How did this become my job to deal with?”

We can help you through it. Stop sweating. Help is here now.

Deb_Lucy - Good GriefWe can help with practically any tricky conversation you can imagine. How? By helping you identify your attitude about it, plan for the best time/setting/delivery, prepare your approach, responses and contingency plans, and process what happened and what needs to happen next.

We can easily do this by phone or web-based chat features (such as Skype, Google Hangout, etc.).

You’ll walk away with increased confidence and diminished anxiety about these conversations. Gain clarity about which conversations to have and which ones to let go. Have greater awareness about your own communication strengths and areas for growth. And of course, the increased likelihood that you’ll get a productive outcome!

Get Started: Fill out this quick intake form and we will get back to you within one business day at the most with our next available coaching slot. If this is a conversation crisis of epic proportions (as in “My boss is meeting with me tomorrow morning and I need to break the bad news then”), call us at 516-569-7137 and we will get back to you ASAP.

Tricky Conversations We Help With:


    • Asking for a raise or promotion (or delivering bad news about them)
    • Saying “no” without fear of retribution
    • Attitude and aptitude problems
    • Job interviews
    • Career development concerns
    • Making a bold request (new office, telecommuting, asking to be removed from an assignment, etc.)
    • Dealing with a difficult co-worker



    • “Coming clean” about anything
    • Discussions about money, sex, religion, politics, or parenting
    • Giving your spouse, partner or significant other bad news or hard feedback
    • Dealing with difficult roommates
    • Talks with aging parents about the future
    • Addressing concerns with teachers
    • sking for money for personal reasons


What Can’t We Help You With?

  • We can’t offer you legal, psychological, HR or other licensed professional advice
  • We can’t have the conversation for you
  • We can’t get you out of having to have the conversation
Deborah is a wonderful coach to work with. Her reflection skills are top-notch to help you truly see where you are in life,
and her tools help you elevate yourself to where you want to be.


-- Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Seattle, WA

Deborah challenged my thinking…
and provided the direction, space and necessary encouragement for me to make a fantastic career change. The decision to retain her is one of the best investment decisions I have ever made.

-- Coaching Client

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