Your company is like no other. We appreciate that uniqueness, which is why we’ve developed powerful coaching services that are tailor-made to your group’s specific needs.

Leadership is hard. Balancing credibility with vulnerability is difficult to master. Calibrating what you want to say with what others need to hear is both an art and a science.

Shifting from tactical approaches to strategic thinking can be tricky. Knowing when to step in and when to step back can feel like a complex dance. Being able to work hard and have time for yourself outside of work doesn’t come easily.

And while you can do it alone, you don’t have to. Coaching can help.

Leadership and Management Coaching

Your mindsets and behaviors as a leader can make a tremendous difference in your team’s performance and productivity. On a larger scale your organization’s client growth and profitability are also on the line.

Our coaching can help you navigate some tricky balances between:

  • Being directive and supportive
  • Being tactical and strategic
  • Managing others and managing yourself
  • Focusing on current performance and future potential
  • Long term, big picture thinking and advocating for immediate priorities
  • Knowing when to hold your ground and when to accommodate others
  • Making time for your team and carving out time for yourself

…and much more.

Our coaching will help you figure out what to do when, with greater confidence and better results.

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Presentation Skills Coaching

When you or your team members have a presentation to make to executives, board members, employee groups or prospective customers, chances are you focus primarily on the substance of your message.

But there is so much more to consider. There are intangibles that can make or break your presentation.

Consider two managers who must roll out a new, controversial company policy to their respective departments.

Manager A knows the policy well, but delivers the news in a robotic, matter-of-fact style, leaving no time for questions and exits the room to a group that begins to talk amongst themselves about the unfairness of the new directives.

Manager B also knows all the details of the policy, but studied up beforehand, doing homework about the potential blowback. This manager is ready for it, and delivers the policy in an engaging, friendly way, focusing on the positives but staying longer for a lengthy Q and A. There is an understanding for their concerns and at the end of the meeting everyone leaves together, with people feeling like their concerns were addressed.

Which department do you think will perform better for the remainder of the fiscal year?

Our Presentation Skills Coaching will give you strategies that are proven in the front lines of organizations around the globe, including how to:

  • Stay focused on your message
  • Command undivided attention
  • Keep your group engaged and inquisitive
  • Use mannerisms, pitch, tone and gestures to your advantage
  • Present with transparency and authenticity

Having the right delivery can mean the difference between success and failure of your presentation. We’ll coach you toward a much higher probability of successful outcomes.

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Communication Skills Coaching

Now more than ever, communicating your message both internally and externally in your organization is a skill that must be constantly finessed.

It’s not just about interacting with team members in a professional manner. It’s about digging deeper within yourself to recognize your own emotions, positive and negative, which will better enable you to understand the emotions of others.

When this happens, it creates an atmosphere that’s non-threatening, cooperative and productive. It makes challenging conversations go more smoothly, and keeps you in control of the outcomes.

This emotional intelligence, or EQ, can make a dramatic difference in your interpersonal communication capabilities across the entire organization.

Our Communication Skills Coaching addresses EQ and other crucial aspects of workplace communication, including:

  • Delivering difficult news with the right tone, manner and character
  • Giving and receiving feedback with deeper self-perception
  • Identifying the communication styles of your leaders
  • Ensuring a genuine understanding of all sides of any issues
  • Setting up long term improvements in inter-departmental communication

No one enjoys having difficult conversations or presenting challenging topics. But our coaching can introduce you to new approaches that can make it easier and more effective.

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What Is Coaching

While coaching has been around for decades, it’s an often-misunderstood discipline. The interactive, interpersonal, action-oriented nature of the coaching process has been attracting individuals, small businesses, and large corporations who want to accomplish a broad spectrum of objectives.
The International Coach Federation, of which Deborah is a member, explains the results of professional coaching this way: “clients set better goals, take more action, make better decisions, and more fully use their natural strengths”.
At the end of the day, coaching is all about clarity and accomplishments. Clients must be clear about their needs at the outset so the coach can assist in structuring a set of goals that are aggressive but realistic. We then set a plan in motion that is manageable, while preparing milestones and timelines to back up the plan.

Then, during the execution of the plan, there’s a degree of accountability between the coach and the client, which involves follow up and progress check-ins, as well as ongoing support, with the ultimate objective being the attainment of the established goal.
Will there be setbacks? Most likely. This is where our coaching can keep you grounded, helping you keep things in the proper perspective and focused on the end result instead of on incidental challenges that may arise.

You’ll also benefit from a wide range of tools, strategies and techniques that have the potential to speed you on your path (or slow you down, if that’s what you need).

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Who We Coach

  • CEOs, EVPs and VPs
  • Directors, Managers and Supervisors
  • Teams, dyads, triads and other internal staff

Your Organization Can Benefit from a Coach If…

  • You are having internal communication challenges
  • Your managers are looking for guidance on how to talk to employees
  • You are seeking improved presentation skills within your departments
  • Your organization desires a lift in company morale
  • You want to improve your ability to engage in difficult staff conversations
  • Your teams are struggling with conflicts and infighting
  • Your supervisor, manager or direct reports are not buying in to the mission
  • You are uncertain about taking a risk or rolling out a questionable policy

These are just a few of the possible scenarios that we can coach you through.

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